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This was suppose to be a writing blog, but stuff happened.
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-© 2014 Karese Burrows "Seven" (via fluerishing)

There are planets in you eager to be born.
Let them come. Let them wail.

The pulse of your wrist is a rhythm birthed
from the cellos of your own veins. Dance to

Love your body, even if it is by accident.

When love comes knocking at your sternum,
do not barricade the door. Be a lady. Open
a window.

Some feelings don’t always fit into poems.
This is okay.

Home is not one bed. It is a room that takes up
the whole world.

Ugly like lightning. Ugly like a storm forcing cities
to their hands.


When you’re resting and don’t think I’m coming for you. I start by massaging your back and have you all relaxed before I slide it in your wet soft tight hole.

(Source: home-kink, via wtermelondreamz)

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